We offer a variety of burial vaults and outer burial containers that meet all cemetery requirements and your own personal preference and budget. Below is an explanation of some of these offerings.

The Bronze

16 oz. polished bronze finishing liner with matching bronze cap, name/date plaque, and choice of insignia. A protective polystyrene inner-liner bonded to over a ton of high-strength reinforced concrete.

The Pantheon

16 oz. polished copper finishing liner with matching copper shield. Rich high-gloss finish with six antique plated casket style handles plus name/date plaque and choice of insignia. A protective polystyrene inner-liner bonded to over a ton of high-strength reinforced concrete.

The Royale

26 gauge mirror finish stainless steel liner with matching stainless steel cover shield for a brilliant and durable resistant finish. A choice of finishes, chrome-plated casket style hardware plus name/date plaque and choice of insignia. Protective polystyrene inner –liner bonded to over a ton of high- strength reinforced concrete.


Completely surrounded with a durable polystyrene shell, both inside and out, for three layers of protection. This vault is made with over one ton of high-strength reinforced concrete for warranted strength and durability.


Extra thick polystyrene inner-liner bonded to high-strength reinforced concrete with the look of white marble. Gorgeous hand stippled two-tone finish enhances the marble look of the inner-liner. Matching cover shield and gold tone extension bars with name/date plaque.


Seamless polystyrene inner-liner bonded to high-strength reinforced concrete. Six handsome casket-style handles with personalized name/date plaque and insignia. Wide range of color combinations and a rich two-tone embossed finish.


Seamless polystyrene inner-liner bonded to high-strength reinforced concrete. Available in several colors in textured finishes with personalized name/date plaque and choice of insignia.


Reinforced concrete with arched cover to resist stress. Tongue-in-groove seal bond with asphalt coated sides to resist the elements.

Concrete Rough Box

Strong and durable to sustain earth weight and stress. Reinforced precast concrete construction. No Seal.

How to choose a vault – There are a number of factors involved in choosing the right burial vault but the main factor is the level of protection the vault provides the grave. Below are some basic guidelines to help you make the right choice and provide you and your family peace of mind.

Why Is Protection Important?

Over the course of time, a grave site will be subjected to a number of elements that can stress or damage its integrity, including:

  • Weight of Machinery – cemeteries use a variety of heavy machines in their day-to-day operations including backhoes, tractors, and trucks to open and close graves, setting monuments, and placing vaults. This machinery can weigh as much as 25,000 pounds.
  • Weight of Earth – the weight of the earth and dirt resting directly on top of a grave can be over 4,000 pounds. Over time, this weight, along with the weight of rainwater can generate considerable stress on a grave.
  • Forces of Nature – the effects of rainwater and underground insects also have an impact on a grave.

How Much Protection Do You Need?

A quality burial vault can significantly protect a grave from these forces. There are basically three factors which determine how much protection a burial vault provides to a grave:

Structural Strength - our burial vault are made from high-strength reinforced concrete to protect a grave from the weight of heavy equipment and earth.

Layers of Strength & Protection - in addition to the strength of concrete, our vaults include the added protection of an inner liner which provides additional strength and helps protect the grave from the intrusion of water and insects. In the Corinthian line, the state-of-the-art technology completely envelopes the concrete, inside and out, with a Martite shell.

The Seal - in addition, the exceptional quality of the butyl rubber sealing compound between the base and cover virtually welds the base and lid into a single unit, affording a last line of defense against Mother Nature.

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