Cemetery Monuments And Markers

Markers are installed flush in the ground and mark one or two graves. They are typically made of granite or bronze. Some cemeteries require bronze only and have certain restrictions. We will assist you with this. Below is a sampling of the various markers.

Bronze Lawn Level

Companion Bevel Marker

Granite Lawn Level

Veteran Bronze Companion

Monuments are upright or some have a slant face and usually are on a base. They are constructed of various granites that we obtain directly from the quarry. Cemeteries have requirements that we can help you with in your selection. Below are some examples of monuments.

Monument w/ Wedding Bands

Monument w/ Laser Etching

Single Grave Monument

Companion Slant

Individual Slant


Angel Bench

Camera Memorial

Resting Angel

Celtic Cross

Flag Memorial

Shell Wave


Why memorialize?

  • To provide a physical place to visit and reflect on your loved one’s life and know that they will always be “nearby”
  • To assist with closure and emotional healing
  • To provide a visible sign of how we value life, marking a permanent record of existence
  • It keeps the memory of your loved one alive
  • Allows you a symbol to explain the meaning of life and death to children
  • Traces your family heritage for generations to come

When the time is right and you are ready to choose a memorial, regardless if your purchase is from our company or not, please do not make an uninformed decision. We can help guide you through the process of choosing a memorial that is both unique and profoundly personal.

Six Reasons to select a Sunburst Memorial from Trahan Memorials:

Help with Cemetery Regulations

We are familiar with area cemeteries and work closely with them to ensure your memorial meets their criteria.

Memorial Installation

Our professional setters are trained to set foundations and memorials and are held to the highest finishing standards in the industry.

Full Customization

We work directly with quarries from all over the world to offer the latest granite colors. Choose from hundreds of our design elements or we can create a high detail laser etched design from your photographs and imagination that is truly personal. We also offer a broad line of bronze memorials in individual or companion sizes.

Cremation Memorial Options

From cremation benches to decorative boulders; memorials can be placed in a cemetery or your backyard, we have numerous options with full customization.

Our 100% Guarantee

We set the standard with our 100% guarantee. If you are dissatisfied, we will rework it or replace it to your satisfaction. We guarantee against cracking and discoloration of granites for a lifetime.

Value and Assurance vs Price and the Unknown

Buyer beware when purchasing from someone you don’t know. Many companies will try to use price and require full payment in advance and deliver damaged or misspelled memorials and some do not meet cemetery regulations. Internet companies may even deliver to your front door.

There is nothing like the Peace of Mind that comes knowing you have purchased your memorial from a Trusted Company, Trahan Memorials.

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